Joanne Gläsel


Between 1985 and 2000 she was a member of the ensembles at the Münster City Theatre, the Oldenburg State Theatre, the State Playhouse Dresden, and the Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz in Berlin. Since then she has worked as an independent actress in theatre, radio, film, and television. In 2002 she was nominated for the “audience BAMBI” award in the category “Favourite Detective.” Her debut solo stage show premiered in 1994. On 1 September 2007 her solo show “Heben Sie das gut auf! Das ist mein ganzes Leben!”, based on Charlotte Salomon’s “Leben? Oder Theater?” premiered in the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Between 2011 and 2017 she was a member of the ensemble at the Pforzheim City Theatre.


Inga Dietrich


is an idependent actress and director and has been living in Berlin since 1990.

From 1992 to 1997 she participated as a castmember in the „Brussel-Poject“ in Berlin. In addition to theatre work in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Vienna, she has been involved in numerous readings and audioplays. In 2000 she became the artistic director of Berlin’s Bloomsday, a literary festival dedicated to James Joyce.

Since 2010 she works as a director and coach for the Thikwa Theatre Berlin.

A mother of two, she has appeared in over 50 productions of films and television programmes since 1999.

As a director, her production „ Halftime-interim balance sheet with clown“ had its debut in January 2018 at the Theatre 'Pumpenhaus' in Münster.


Sabine Werner


has worked as an actress for twelve years at various theatres in Hamburg, Mannheim and Dresden. Since 1999 she has performed as an independent actress on stage, radio and television. She has appeared in „The strange little cat“ by Ramon Zürcher, which was shown at festivals worldwide in 2014/15, as well as hit TV-series as „Tatort“ or „Deutschland 83“ among others.

Amid guestappearances at the Dresden Comedy, Bad Hersfeld Festival, Styrian Autumn Graz and in Berlin Sophiensaele or the Ballhaus Ost, she outlined 2015/16 for the Theater Unterm Dach/Berlin and the Lichthoftheatre/Hamburg the play „ BiestA“, based on Claude Chabrols movie „la Ceremonie“. She played the part of Eunice Parchman, who suffers from illiteracy.

2017 she played the part of Beatrice in Arthur Miller`s „View from the bridge“ in Fürth.

Sabine Werner lives in Berlin with her husband and her two children.