The Woman at His Side





Berchtesgadener Anzeiger


“The wives of the perpetrators remain innocent in the eyes of the law. And yet through marriage they are involved and implicated in their husbands’ crimes. Inga Dietrich, Joanne Gläsel, and Sabine Werner brought this aspect of the Nazi period compellingly to life for the audience. They did not merely read the texts out loud, but enlivened them with gestures and facial expressions, played out the different scenes, and switched roles with ease. The result was a very dense and impressive staged reading, which on several occasions took one’s breath away with respect to the inhuman depths that were revealed…”


C. G. Merker




Campus, Uni Bonn


“ the end of the performance, the position of women under National Socialism remained profoundly ambiguous. But it is precisely the great achievement of these actresses, that they are able to convey an issue that raises more questions than answers in an impressive and nuanced manner….”


Christoph Meurer




Wormser Zeitung


“…One should think by now, that 62 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, there is nothing left to say on this topic. The performance of The Woman at His Side, organized by the Landeszentrale für politische Bildung and the Förderverein Projekt Osthofen on the occasion of the commemorative event on 27 January at the Osthofen Concentration Camp Memorial, proved otherwise.”


Ulrike Schäfer




Volksstimme Magdeburg


“The three Berlin actresses have conducted extensive research and made startling discoveries in letters, diaries, depositions, newspapers, decrees and political speeches. They have brought all of this original material together and afford profound insights into the thoughts and feelings of these SS wives, which is often enough to take the audience’s breath away. The biographies of individual SS wives, their personal perspective on their husbands’ actions under National Socialism and their reminiscences after the end of the war revealed a specific form of complicity which must never be forgotten…”


Dr.Herbert Henning